BoL-related news of this past week + we need YOU in the final days of our Kickstarter!

–We only have SIX days left to raise the final $1040 for our Kickstarter campaign! This is our very first foray into fundraising for the press– I’ve been running it out of my own pocket for nine years now– and we are already bowled over by the love & support we’ve been shown. If you can, please spread the word, donate, and help us reach our goal so we can bring you our brilliant 2014 titles by Kristen Stone (whose dos-a-dos chapbook comes out this weekend!), Danielle Pafunda (out in May), Joohyun Kim, Lucas de Lima, LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs, Cathy Park Hong, Christine Shan Shan Hou, and Niina Pollari (whose chapbook Fabulous Essential was the very first chapbook we ever published!)

–This week at 30 x Lace has been jam-packed with greatness! We finished off chain #2 (started by Leigh Stein) with Lucy Tiven –> TJ Lyons –> Matthew Sherling. We started chain #3 with Jennifer Tamayo –> Min Kang –> Jackie Kari –> Dylan W. Krieger. And we’ll keep it all coming for the rest of the month!

–We’ve had Finery on hiatus for the month during the 30 x Lace project, but on April 15 we published a special tax day poem from Sampson Starkweather

Christine Shan Shan Hou has several of her new collages up at her website

–Tomorrow Ji yoon Lee reads in Austin, TX w/Monica McClure & many more

JD Scott recommends Lucas de Lima, Niina Pollari, and more for your 2014 reading

Kristina Marie Darling has work in the new issue of Tupelo Quarterly

–Part II of Megan Milks’ roundtable on trigger warnings in the classroom w/Anna Joy Springer & more; Part III

Jackie Wang has new work in The Claudius App

LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs has a poem up at Flavorwire; you can also watch her recent performance at the Walker Art Center here

–Last but very much not least, our release reading for Kristen Stone’s The Story of Ruth and Eliza//self/help/work/book is at Avid Bookshop in Athens, GA at 6:30 p.m. tomorrow! Gabrielle Lucille Fuentes and Gale Marie Thompson will read in addition to Stone, and there will be cake!

BoL-related news of the past week

–We are moving towards our 2014 fundraising goal with YOUR help! Only 13 days to go, and now is an especially good time to get your pre-order on as Kristen Stone’s new chapbook, The Story of Ruth and Eliza/self/help/work/book, is out next Saturday! Help us publish these vitals texts <3

–At 30 x Lace our first poetry chain letter finished its run this week and we started our second. In the last week we’ve put up poems by Cassandra Gillig, Cean Gamalinda, Laura Goldstein, Nikki Wallschlaeger, Morgan Parker, Leigh Stein (the root for chain #2) and Sarah Bridgins.

LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs will be on Alabama A & M University’s The Poetry Corner radio show w/ Marcus Sims at 3pm today

Andrea Quinlan’s girl canon includes fellow BoL-er Carina Finn’s My Life is a Movie, which you can read/download for free on our PDFs page

An interview with Megan Milks at New City Lit

You can pre-order Carina Finn & Stephanie Berger’s new chapbook The Grey Bird at Coconut

–Finally, if you’re in the Athens area Kristen Stone’s chapbook release reading is next Saturday night 4/19 at Avid Bookshop!

BoL-related news of the past week

Carrie Murphy and BoL have resurrected our National Poetry Month blog from last year, 30 x Lace, to bring you another month of poems all April long! This year we curated a series of poetry “chain letters,” where we asked a poet for a poem and the name of the poet they’d like to “tag,” and so on. So far: Christine Shan Shan Hou–>Krystal Languell–>Emily SKillings–>Audrey Zee Whitesides–>find out tomorrow!

–Our Kickstarter is humming along gloriously, but we still need as much love as we can get! Spread the word, donate if you can, and send all your fully-funded wishes to us

Kari Larsen reviews Carl Rollyson’s new Plath biography American Isis at Entropy

Megan Milks’ Kill Marguerite makes Autostraddle’s list of books to read this spring for women and queers ; Milks’ co-edited Asexualities: Queer and Feminist Perspectives with Karli June Cerankowski

JD Scott’s poem “Tribulation” is up at Flavorwire as part of their National Poetry Month series

Cathy Park Hong’s poem on surveillance, “Inside Beyonce,” at Boston Review

Niina Pollari’s world-famous band Mindtroll posted a new track at their Bandcamp page

LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs has work in the new issue of Asterisk, which features work on Black Feminist Encounters


BoL-related news of this past week

-We launched our 2014 Kickstarter this week! Thanks to y’all, we are already 25% funded. Help us get even closer to our goal by donating, sharing, and /or sending your well wishes!

-This week at Finery: M. Forajter and Thera Webb

-Christine Hou reads tonight at La Mama in NYC at 7 p.m.

-Carina Finn has work in the new anthology I Love Roses When They’re Past Their Best

-Niina Pollari and Carina Finn will both perform on Sun. March 30 in NYC at One of Us

-An interview with LaTasha  N. Nevada Diggs at BOMB

-Ji yoon Lee has work in the new anthology The Yolo Pages

-Danielle Pafunda’s “Horse” at Verse Daily

-Birds of Lace will be at the CUNY Chapfest this coming Thursday 4/3! The chapfest bookfair runs from 10am-8pm

Birds of Lace 2014 Kickstarter!


Dear friends,

Big big news! Birds of Lace has launched our 2014 Kickstarter campaign to print work by KRISTEN STONE, DANIELLE PAFUNDA, JOOHYUN KIM, LUCAS DE LIMA, NIINA POLLARI, LATASHA N. NEVADA DIGGS, CATHY PARK HONG & CHRISTINE SHAN SHAN HOU! Pre-order your titles, subscribe to the whole year, and please spread the good word! We are upping our game by letterpress printing this year, and it is so exciting. I so much appreciate your help in any way you can offer it, from funding to sharing the project with friends to sending your well-wishes. Visit our Kickstarter and donate here!

xoxox Gina/Birds of Lace

BoL-related news of the past week

-This week at Finery: Bindu Bansinath, Stephanie Berger, and Raquel Gutiérrez

-Timothy Liu reviews Danielle Pafunda’s Natural History Rape Museum at Coldfront

-Christine Hou reads in Brooklyn tonight with Steffani Jemison and Steve Seidenberg

-Paul Cunningham talks Ji yoon Lee’s Foreigner’s Folly at The Fanzine

-Megan Milks is a contributing editor at the newly launched Entropy; Kill Marguerite is reviewed at Lambda Literary; Milks does the Nervous Breakdown self interview here;

-Niina Pollari reads with Justin Marks and Angela Veronica Wong tomorrow night in Brooklyn

-Rohin Guha on India’s Sec 377 and Michigan marriage equality rulings at The Aerogram

BoL-related news of the past week

-This week at Finery: Kristi Nimmo, Kelsie Hahn, and Jane Liddle

-Carrie Murphy on the music she listens to when she writes

-Jackie Wang’s Against Innocence, a Semiotexte pamphlet made for the Whitney Bienniel, is now available for purchase

-LaTasha N. Nevada Diggs on Code-Switching, Poetry, and Twerking; watch Diggs read in Oakland last year; see Diggs read at the Queens Poet Lore Festival tomorrow in NY

-a new chapbook by Christine Hou, Food Cuts Short Cuts, is now availible for purchase

-Lucas de Lima’s Wet Land reviewed at Actuary Lit